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Launch Ideas: 5 Fun Ways to Promote Your New Brand + Website

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Whether you worked with us for a custom 1-on-1 brand + website for your photography business, self-audited your own photography website, or you took on your new brand yourself, it’s time to celebrate! You deserve to be celebrated and it’s something we so often forget to do in this world of owning a business.

How can you crank up the excitement of your new brand!? Take a peek below at what our clients have done to build the excitement and celebrate!


When it comes to announcing a new brand, making sure your previous clients know that the business is still YOU is so important. This especially comes into play when it comes to a name change!

When Bethany of Bethany Melvin Photography changed her business from B. Photography to Bethany Melvin Photography, we created a Facebook Cover Photo to make sure her clients and other business owners knew that her new brand transformation included a new business name. We recommend keeping the announcement cover photo up for at LEAST a few months to make sure clients have a good period of time to become familiar with your new business name.


Get people excited on Instagram, especially if this is a social media channel that you focus marketing efforts in!

When Kara Evans was getting ready to launch her new brand and website, we designed a branded styled stock photo with her images, new colors, and a date to announce her new launch. On 12/1, Kara announced her new brand and website in a separate Instagram post and linked it in her Instagram bio!


It’s so fun for readers to go behind-the-scenes and see the “why” behind your new brand. Blog about it and partner up with those that assisted with the re-brand to launch a giveaway!

When Jes Smith launched her new website, she did an incredible job talking about her experience at the Creative at Heart Conference and finding out the direction she wanted to take her business. From there, she walks through the website design process she went through with us, changes her clients can now see on her website, and a HUGE giveaway! Pssst, we also got some incredible clients out of it (looking at you, Amanda and Betsy!)


Instagram Stories are the new trend for announcing excitement within your business! For us, we actually go through more stories than posts these days. We’re also huge fans of Snapchat, so if you’re hip to the Snapchat game, announce your new brand with Snapchat filters!


As a small business owner, it can be REALLY tough to set aside time to celebrate wins in our businesses. But, keep the party going FAR PAST LAUNCH DAY. Your new brand should stay with you and continue to be something you are excited to celebrate!

Here are some tips to keep the party going:

  1. Schedule your Instagram out (we use Later!) and add a few posts about the “why” behind your new brand, your favorite elements of your brand, and continue to showcase a cohesive brand aesthetic on your Instagram so it’s instantly recognizable! (Kara Evans @karaevansphotog does an INCREDIBLE job keeping this up!)
  2. Create and schedule out blog posts that talk about your re-branding journey. Make sure your clients are always in-touch with the person behind your business; you! Keeping on with talking about you, your client experience, the process of change will help to humanize your business and build trust in you. (Bethany brought this to life in her blog post about finding her new business name!)
  3. Build your mailing list by adding a newsletter sign-up on your website! We use Mailerlite for ours and we LOVE communicating important changes, exciting updates, and the latest + greatest with our clients here!

It does take time to plan some of these things out, so work it into a few weeks before your actual launch date. But, remember, you deserve to be celebrated. Owning a business is a REALLY tough job, so take time out to celebrate you and how you’re taking your biz to the next level!

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