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As of 2022, my main focus is graphic and print design, along with website design strictly on the Showit platform. With that being said, I've had so many great opportunities over the years and the work on this page will introduce you to a variety of my capabilities.

Graphic + Print Design

Role: I'm currently working part time at Daddy's Dogs in Nashville in a creative role where I help with design needs such as social media graphics, menu updates, signage for events, and instructional signage for internal use. One of my favorite projects so far was getting to lead the creative for their 90s Prom Event.

90s Prom Social Content

Signage/Additional Content

Client: Daddy's Dogs

Brand & Website Design

You can see below a variety of brands & websites I've designed for photographers at Launch Your Daydream, the virtual design studio I co-founded in 2017. In addition to photographers, I have created brands and/or websites for a range of other industries including a music label, an online publication and podcast, and wedding industry professionals (makeup artists, event planners, florists, etc.)

Launch Your Daydream

Merch Design

Role: Create new merch designs for 1 Year Anniversary celebration. I submitted multiple mockups to the client and they chose a few to send to print. 


Actual Products

Client: Relentless Brewing

Event Brand Design

Role: As a graphic designer on the Marketing Mission team, I've had the honor of creating brands and marketing materials for a variety of non-profit organizations. The Kirkland Performing Arts Center in Washington state needed a fresh look for their annual fundraising event. This year's event was a tribute to Led Zeppelin, and boy was this a fun one to create!

Client: Marketing Mission

UX Design + Mockups

Role: As Marketing Manager for this tech startup, I wore many hats, but one of my favorites was being involved in the app's UX Design. I would often evaluate issues with the team and then create prototypes for changes to be made by our engineers. Here you can see some mockups I designed to be displayed in the App Store.

Client: Learning Genie

Creative Pitch Development

Role: While freelancing for a creative agency, I was asked to help put together a pitch for their client, GAMA Bikes. The goal was to make their product appeal to a wider range of younger, more individualist types of customers. They wanted their bikes to be used for more than just exercise—and to be recognized as stylish commuter/everyday bikes. I assisted with the overall concept of our pitch then created a 'look book' and a video that we used to intro our in-person pitch.

Client: Lift Creative Studios

Package Design

Role: Created package designs utilizing hand drawn elements for this client's new line of all natural soap, bath salts, body scrub, and tub tea.

Client: CeeCee & Bee Apothecary

Online Publication Design

Role: I designed the brand, website, and blog for this online pop-culture publication, along with multiple featured images for their blog. Unfortunately, the founders decided to discontinue upkeep of the blog/website, but I'm still proud of the work I did here and it's a design aesthetic that I love!

Client: That Fangirl Life

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