Is it time for a rebrand for your photography business?


Are you the type of photographer that keeps wanting to make changes to your brand and website but puts it on the back burner because, well, LIFE (among other things)? Perhaps you’re just too busy, you don’t know where to start, or you’re not even sure if it’s the right move for your business!

Well, oh my damn do we have a treat for you! Remember those quizzes in the 90’s teen magazines? The ones when you’d circle multiple choice or yes/no answers to find out which Backstreet Boy was your perfect match? While deciding on a rebrand might not be as tantalizing as learning which celeb teenage heartthrob is your soulmate, we hope this will make this biz decision a bit more fun for you!

Read through the questions below and keep track of how many times you answer “yes!” (If a specific question doesn’t necessarily apply to you, just skip it!)

  1. Has the quality of your work improved since you first launched your brand? (i.e. you’ve improved posing, editing skills, lighting composition, etc.)
  2. Are you booking clients, but the majority of them aren’t really your dream clients/projects?
  3. Do you feel embarrassed giving out business cards or referring people to your website?
  4. Do you often find yourself stuck in the comparison trap? (i.e. scrolling social media and looking at other photographer’s sites wishing they were yours?)
  5. Does your brand + website need improvement when it comes to feeling more like “you”?


If you answered “yes” more than even one time, it’s time to think about re-branding!

So WTF do you do now?! We don’t want to leave you hanging, so here are a couple ways we can help!

  • Start with a brand + website audit – This will provide you with our expert opinions on the current state of your photography brand and specific advice of how you can re-brand it in the best ways. This is perfect for you if you need a place to start, but you’d rather do the foundation and design work yourself!
  • Work with us on a custom brand and website – This will provide you with everything your photography business needs for your re-brand. From the foundation work all the way through to designing your brand, website and marketing materials. This is perfect for you if you’re ready to dive all in and feel confident that your brand will finally feel like a true reflection of you and your portfolio!


We’re here to help support you and your photography business. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us anytime!


If you’re looking to understand more about branding + how it fits into your photography business, look no further than the brand pizza! We explain each “slice” of branding and how it works for your photography business.


Book more photography clients with a brand and website audit from Launch Your Daydream!


Is It Time For a Rebrand For Your Photography Business?

We're Britt + Kelsey!

You know how photographers often struggle to fill up their calendars with dream client sessions? Well, we create custom brands and websites that attract + speak to photographers’ unique clients, so they can book dream sessions over and over.

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We're Britt + Kelsey!

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