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Custom Brand & Showit Website Design for Merry Character Photography

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Introducing:  The new custom brand & Showit website design for Merry Character Photography!

Mary is a wedding photographer in Seattle Washington for happy, kind souls.

Let’s take you behind-the-scenes of the brand + website design process that Mary went through with us:

Brand Foundation:

After working through the Brand Discovery phase and establishing things like a mission statement, vision, values, differentiators, and dream client persona, we also established the following goals for Mary’s new brand: joyful, colorful, bold, unique, and fun! (Which, btw, is Mary’s personality SPOT ON!)

Brand Design:

Next, Kelsey created a custom brand design that not only embodied all of those descriptive goals, but also felt really aligned with Mary’s personality and the unique experience she creates for her wedding clients!

A few of our favorite things about this brand design are:  

  • The bright, happy colors used in her color palette
  • Various ways we were able to use Mary’s color palette in gradients, dots, and in multiple logo variations
  • Mary’s color palette almost EXACTLY matches the way she edits. Vibrant, colorful, and feels SO happy!

Website Design:

Next, Britt took all of that and brought it to life on Mary’s custom Showit website. She also did some research on the best SEO keywords for Mary’s images and headings to make sure traffic was regularly going to those specific keywords, especially since she’s now focusing on a new location!

A few of our favorite things about this custom website design are:

  • The unique header with the circle images and on-brand navigation menu that is still very easy to follow
  • The flow of Mary’s home page that really dives into the “problem” that her website visitors are having, the solution, and how Mary is the photographer they should trust
  • The opportunity to use SO many different parts of Mary’s brand design, without it feeling overwhelming #allthedotsallthetime

Congratulations on your new brand, Mary! You were SUCH a dream to work with and we cannot wait to see how your new brand + website takes your photography business next level!!

PS:  Want to work with us on a new brand + website for your photography business, just like Mary did? Click here to check out the process!

November 23, 2020

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By the way, I'm not a photographer—I'm a designer and strategist FOR photographers. For the past 5 years, LYD has worked directly with a variety of photographers to not only create unique brands + websites for them, but to also ensure that those websites are getting consistent and relevant traffic.

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