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When it comes to my dream clients...


A. My who?! I'm ready to photograph anyone + everyone that asks.

B. Iā€™m pretty sure I know who they are but I'm definitely not booking them right now.

C. I'm confident I know who they are but I'm only booking them here and there, maybe!?

D. I know who they are and I'm booking them like CRAZY! Woohoo!!

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I can confidently tell people that I specialize in a specific type of photography


A.  Nope ā€” I'm shooting anything + everything that comes my way! Weddings, families, seniors, pets, corporate, etc. You name it!

B. Kinda! I have an idea of what my niche is but I'm not sure if I'm making that clear on my website.

C. Yes, I think so!? I'm a little nervous to niche down to 1-2 specialties, but I know I should.

D. Totally! It's even on my website! Woohoo!!

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My website makes me feel...


A.  What website? Oh, you mean my free one? It's a hot mess, let's be honest.

B. Exhausted. I keep making changes to it but I'm not seeing the results that I'm hoping for.

C. Praying that it's awesome?! Okay, it's "okay" but could definitely level up!

D. Excited! I FINALLY have a brand + website that I love, love, love!!

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