We’ve had the opportunity to work one-on-one with dozens of photographers. When discussing their website, only a small few of these photographers loved blogging. For those who didn’t, the biggest complaint was, “I have no clue what to blog about!”

Sound familiar?


Even if your biggest complaint about blogging isn’t what to blog about, it could be finding time to do it! Wouldn’t it be much quicker to tackle blogging if you had a game plan?!

First things first, think about how often you want to blog. We’d recommend at least once a week, if not a bit more. If you don’t blog now, don’t start with five blogs a week, unless you want to get overwhelmed quickly! Which we know you don’t. 😉

Now, it’s time to think of blog topics that you can write about. Eeek! Get excited!


Here are a few examples of potential blog topics based on the type of photography you specialize in.

•  Real Weddings – Mention the couple (with their permission), the venue, the specific location, and give specifics about their wedding day — including the beautiful photos from their big day!

•  Favorite Portrait Locations – Show off the specific locations and examples of sessions at each of the locations. Don’t be afraid of other photographers “stealing your location.” Remember, your brand is what sets you apart!

•  Feature Vendors – If you’re a wedding photographer or boudoir photographer, you probably work with a good numbers of vendors. Feature them and link out to them on your website. Boost those relationships!

•  Behind-the-Scenes – No matter what type of photographer you are, people want to see the person behind-the-business. Build that trust and show them how lucky they are to have you as their photographer!

•  Publications + Features – Get your name out there, girl! Podcasts, feature publications, you name it. Show it off on your blog and make sure you link out to the place you’re featured!

•  Monthly Round Up – Show off your sessions from any specific month! It’s a great way to show off your portfolio and get more eyes on your blog.


See? It doesn’t have to feel so scary to start and keep up with a blog for your photography business! Blogging is a great way to keep a connection to your clients, make them feel special, and even bump up your SEO ranking in Google! 😉





PS:  Trying to figure out why you’re just not getting inquiries from clients on your website? Book a brand + website audit with us and we’ll give you actionable tips that will help your dream clients KNOW that you’re the photographer for them!

Blog Topics Your Photography Clients Will Love (+ Will Be Easy For You To Write!)

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Blog Topics Your Photography Clients Will Love (+ Will Be Easy For You To Write!)

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