Explaining your photography services sounds like it should be pretty easy to do, right?

When your prospective photography clients are looking at your website, this might be the first time they’re hiring a photographer. The simpler you can make it for them to understand, the better!

When you begin learning the terminology around running a photography business, it’s easy to get caught up in “photog talk” or photography jargon. Those words start to just naturally become a part of your regular speak!

It’s really important to not use jargon when speaking to your clients. That includes in-person, social media and your website! It can confuse them and overwhelm them to the point that they may become disinterested and move on.

So, what are some examples of photography jargon, you ask?

Now, some of these might surprise you. But, here are some common photography jargon words and phrases that you may see on photography websites:

  • Sitting fee
  • Creative fee
  • Retainer
  • All-inclusive
  • Print release
  • Copyright release


It’s also important to note that when some of these words and phrases are explained in the context, as they are used, they don’t quite fall under jargon. 😉

The best thing you can do for first impression and to maintain a lasting client relationship is to be 100% transparent up front about your services. Make sure your brand is remembered for a smooth client experience. Trust us — it’ll get you some amazing clients that won’t stop referring you to everyone they know.

Also, use a contract and make sure your client fully understands everything you’ll be delivering to them! And, in the event they give you a hard time, your contract is there to save the day. We use Shannon Davis for all of our legal services and she is AMAZING.


Are You Using Jargon on Your Photography Website?

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