Wedding professionals + creative business owners are always trying to figure out how to take their brand and website to the next level. The number one question we get from our one-on-one branding clients is which website platform to choose — Squarespace or Showit?!

If you’re not familiar with these two website hosting platforms, you’re about to fall in love with one or both of them.  We have over 15+ years experience designing websites and nothing has come close to Squarespace or Showit — especially in terms of ease of use when making website updates!

You will always, always, always find other creative professionals that feel strongly one way or another with the web platform of their choice. Remember, everyone learns differently, so one platform may feel more comfortable than another. The good news is this: Squarespace and Showit both offer a free trial for you to get your hands on before you make your decision!

Now, pour yourself a cup of coffee and let us save you time & mental energy on figuring out which platform to use!

  • Cost Difference – We recommend purchasing Squarespace’s business plan, in order to make full use of the entire platform. Squarespace’s business plan is $266 annually or $26/month going month-to-month. For Showit, you’re looking at $288 yearly or $29/month going month-to-month for their mid-range plan, which is the plan we typically recommend for our clients.
  • Design + Ease of Use – Showit offers a bit more room for interaction for clients on your website and creative design elements. For example, you can see on Kara’s website, we added in the click-through to show off information about her! In Squarespace, some of this “interactive click-through” fun is pretty limited. However, with Squarespace, it’s still very easy to show off your brand on your website. 
  • Support + Business Structure – Both platforms have support teams available via live chat during regular business hours. They also have email support — Showit having emergency email support for any website downtime. Showit is becoming one of the more popular portfolio/photography focused, especially in the wedding industry. However, Squarespace definitely has more clients overall, because they’re not as new.



We’re not stopping there, though. We want to show you some specific, very common website updates and how they’re done in both Squarespace & Showit. That way, you’ll feel more equipped to make a decision between the two!

Are you ready!?


And, if you’re ready for us to work with you on your brand + website design, check out our Work With Us page!





The #1 Question From Our Branding Clients — Squarespace or Showit?

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