As you may have heard already, the doors are open to our “WTF is Branding?!” 8-week virtual workshop! We are so excited to work with wedding professionals and photographers on taking their brand to the next level.

If you’re interested in signing up for the workshop, but still have some questions about it, this post is for you! We’re answering all the questions that we’ve been asked that may help you feel more comfortable investing in this next step for your biz.

How is the “WTF is Branding?!” workshop structured?

This is an 8-week virtual workshop, with a specific piece of branding discussed each week. First things first, we will be sending you a 65-page workbook in the mail! This workbook will be essential to your success in the workshop, as you can complete hands-on activities right in the workbook.

The workshop will be conducted in a private Facebook group and that is where you’ll have access to Kelsey + Britt to ask any and all of your branding questions.

  • Sundays – We will send you an email letting you know more information on which branding topic will be discussed that week.
  • Mondays – We will post a video from us that will help you as you work through the workbook.
  • Wednesdays – We will post a video from the guest expert for that week, giving you specific training and advice from their perspective.
  • Fridays – We’ll have a live Q&A, where Kelsey and Britt will answer any questions you might have before moving on to the next topic!

Who are the guest experts for the workshop?

These women have been essential to our business and we KNOW they will give you perspective in your business, like you’ve never seen before:


I’m enrolled in, like, 50 courses right now. How can I stay on-task?

We’ve got you covered. Usually, when people don’t finish a course, they’re either not seeing instant gratification or they’re overwhelmed. When we get started on the first week, we know you’ll have epiphanies with the branding foundation material. This is content that our one-on-one clients have used to change the game plan of their business! From the workbook, to the guest experts, and having direct access to us, we will check-in with you to make sure you’re not stuck on anything. And, if you are, we’re right there in the group to help you!

When does the workshop start?

Doors are open NOW through Monday, May 14th! During the week of May 14th, we’ll ship out your 65-page workbook, so you can be hands-on through the entire workshop. Everything kicks off the week of May 21st and runs for eight weeks.

But, I already have a logo and a website. Do I need this?

Your brand is more than just a logo and a website. Branding is the ENTIRE experience that your clients have when working with you. While visual aesthetics are important, they aren’t the only factor that can attract clients to your business. We have SEVEN weeks of material that are focused on the other parts of branding!

If you’re not booking your dream clients, or you’ve fallen out of love with your business, this workshop will help you to figure out why + work to resolve it!


Comment below if you have any additional questions — or email us over at!




“WTF is Branding?!” Virtual Workshop – Your Questions Answered!

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We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.

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We're Britt + Kelsey!

We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.



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