We want to share with you a little behind-the-scenes view of our experiences of running a business without branding in place. As you read these stories from a few years ago, remember that we (Kelsey + Britt) had never actually met online or in-person!

Let’s give you Kelsey’s story first.

Kelsey knew that she wanted to get into branding, someway somehow. In college, she majored in marketing and was getting ready to climb that corporate ladder and work with big, Fortune 500 businesses on their brand. After experience working with said brands, she was missing one key thing: the relationships between her clients and their own brands.

Kelsey loved the idea of working with people who truly had a love for their business. Once she took the leap and started her own business (Oh, and moved across the country!), she slowly started to niche down the “ideal client” aspect of her business. She knew specifically that she wanted to work with people who loved their business. And, after an amazing experience with a local group of creative female business owners, she started to the people who had their heart in their business. These were her people.

But, one place she didn’t niche down, was in her service offerings. She offered #alltheservices. Everything marketing-related. ANYTHING she could do to marketing-wise to make money in her business, she needed to do to attract people to her new business. Oh, yeah… it wasn’t working.

Now, here’s Britt’s story.

Britt had been working on websites since she was a junior in high school. She knew this is what she wanted to do, but didn’t quite know “how” to make it happen. She majored in Web Content Development in college and also made her way up the corporate ladder, but focused in her job as a project manager at a software company, versus anything to do with website design. Once she became a mom in 2013, she knew she had to take a chance on her website design because working at her 9-5 gig 10-12 hours a day, five days a week plus travel, with barely seeing her kid, just felt totally wrong.

Britt knew that she wanted to do website design, but she had no idea WHO she wanted to do it for. Actually, she didn’t even know she should niche down the “who”. She could just do website design for anyone who needed a website, right!? Yep, wrong. That wasn’t working.

One major similarity in these personal stories? We were missing essential key parts of our branding foundation before we saw ANY success in our individual businesses.

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This is what we looked like BEFORE we branded our biz

We're Britt + Kelsey!

We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.

Read about how we started our biz before ever even meeting in person!

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Hey, photographers!

We're Britt + Kelsey!

We're the type of gals who love laughing until we cry, giving giant rocking hugs when we see people we love, and designing until our clients are ecstatic.



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